Game Day 1/19/2019 San Jose @ Tampa 7:00 ET 4:00 PT

san jose sharks, tampa bay lightning, nhl,

Tampa Bay Lightning VS San Jose Sharks

Tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning play at home in Amalie Arena against the San Jose Sharks at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT. After the Lightning’s recent defeat from the Toronto Maple Leafs and a loss in their last game against the San Jose Sharks, can the Lightning come back and reclaim a victory tonight?

Who Will Win?

san jose sharks, tampa bay lightning, nhl

The Tampa Bay Lightning will go into tonight’s game with a record of 36-10-2 and 74 points so far in the season. The Tampa Bay Lightning also rank #1 in the Atlantic Division. They have 193 goals for and 137 goals against with a difference of 56. They have won 7 out of their last 10 games. However, they have a 1 game losing streak after their 4-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs and in their last several games have not come out as strong on scoring as we are typically used to seeing from the Lightning this season.

san jose sharks, tampa bay lightning, nhl

In comparison, the San Jose Sharks will play tonight with a record of 28-14-7 and 63 points this season. They have 175 goals for and 149 goals against with a difference of 26. The San Jose Sharks also rank #2 in the Pacific Division. They have won 8 out of their last 10 games, but have a 1 game losing streak.

The last time we saw the San Jose Sharks and the Tampa Bay Lightning face off, the Lightning were playing phenomenally and, statistically speaking, were out playing the Sharks in the season. Once the two teams faced off, however, it ended with a shocking Lightning defeat with a 5-2 Sharks victory.

Will the San Jose Sharks take another bite out of the Lightning tonight or can the Tampa Bay Lightning strike the Sharks down?

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It’s every player’s dream to be on a winning team. The goals are just a reflection of us winning.

Jonathan Cheechoo

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