Game Day 1/5/2019 Tampa @ San Jose 11:00 ET 8:00 PT

Tampa Bay Lightning VS San Jose Sharks

Tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning head to San Jose to take on the Sharks at 11:00 PM ET 8:00 PM PT.

Tampa Bay Lightning VS San Jose Sharks

Who Will Win?

The Tampa Bay Lightning start tonight off with a record of 32-7-2. They have 66 points so far this season. They have 174 goals for and 119 goals against with a differential of 55. They have won 9 out of their last 10 games with their only loss being an overtime game. As of now, they have a 7 game winning streak after their 6-2 win over the Los Angeles Kings.

The San Jose Sharks go into tonight’s game with a record of 22-13-7 and they have 51 points so far in their season. They have 145 goals for and 133 goals against with a differential of 12. They have won 6 out of their last 10 games with 2 of their losses being overtime games. They have a current 1 game winning streak after their 5-4 win over the Colorado Avalanche.

Will the San Jose Sharks take a bite out of Tampa or will the Lightning take San Jose by storm?

Stay Tuned For The Tampa Bay Lightning VS San Jose Sharks Post-Game Recap Immediately Following the Game!

We’ve played with a lot of confidence and that’s been the key so far. Hopefully, we can take more confidence into the playoffs. 

Teemu Selanne, San Jose Sharks
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