12/8/2019 Predict the Storm Against San Jose

Predict the Storm Against the San Jose Sharks

Congratulations Chris Nicke Sr. for getting the closest prediction on the San Jose Sharks 12/8/2019 game.

Prediction Questions

What team will get the first penalty tonight?

What bolt player will score NOT the first goal but the second goal tonight?

How many goals will Tampa score tonight?

Winner’s Answers

  1. sharks
  2. kuch
  3. 5

Congrats for getting the third correct answer correctly to the closest number of goals. Tampa Bay achieved 7 goals in the game, coming closest to Chris’s guess of 5.

Great Job, Chris! And thank you to everyone who participated!

TBL Die Hard Fans presents “Predict the Storm.” Every game day, poll questions will be posted to our Facebook group. Share your predictions in the post comments before the start of each game for your chance to be featured next!

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