Game Day 2/9/2019 Tampa @ Florida 6:00 ET 3:00 PT

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Tampa Bay Lightning VS Florida Panthera

Who Will Win?

The Tampa Bay Lightning currently lead the Atlantic Division with a record of 40-11-4 and 84 points in the season. They have 212 goals for and 154 goals against for an impressive 58 difference. They have only won 5 out of their last 10 games, but have started coming back with a 1 game win after a 5-4 victory against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Currently sixth in points in the Atlantic Division, the Florida Panthers have a record of 23-22-8 and 54 points in the season. They have 166 goals for and 184 goals against with a difference of -18. However, despite their overall statistics, the Florida Panthers have won 6 out of their last 10 games and have a current 2 game winning streak.

It is hard to say who has better odds tonight. The Tampa Bay Lightning have had a phenomenal season and their overall statistics are incredible. However, these are the games the Lightning tend to struggle with recently and the Florida Panthers have had better stats in their more recent games. The last time these two teams faced off, the Lightning defeated the Panthers with a high scoring 5-4 victory.

Who will win the game? Will the Florida Panthers reclaim a victory in Florida tonight and take a bite out of the storm? Or will the Tampa Bay Lightning convert the Panthers into Thundercats and win the state of Florida in hockey again? Stay tuned for the game recap to find out!

Hockey Quote of the Day

It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. The only thing that matters is how many times you get up.

Roberto Luongo

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