2018-2019 Lightning Season Highlights

Tampa Bay Lightning Season Highlights

The Tampa Bay Lightning have had an incredible season this year. They dominated teams left and right, lead the league in statistics, and broke several records.

Players Highlights

Starting off, the players who make up the dominating Lightning team are well-deserving of recognition for their successes. Many players finished the regular season with incredible stats and accomplishments. The whole team played admirably well this year.

Nikita Kucherov

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

Nikita Kucherov was phenomenal, ending the regular season leading the league with 128 points. In the process, he passed Vincent Lecavalier’s record from 2006-2007 of 108 points. He also finished with 45.9 goals created, also passing Lecavalier’s record of 42.8 from 2006-2007. Kucherov also finished with 87 assists, putting him ahead of Brad Richards’ and St. Louis’ records of 68.

It doesn’t stop there. Nikita Kucherov also finished with the highest assists/game of 1.06, passing Martin St. Louis’ record of .90 from 2012-2013 as well as achieving highest points/game average of 1.56, thus surpassing Lecavalier’s previous record of 1.32. He also passed Lecavalier’s record of .52 goals created/game set back in 2006-2007, with a new record of .55 goals created/game. Finally, Nikita Kucherov also finished with most goals on ice with a total of 155, passing up Dan Boyle from 2006-2007 with 147.

Ryan McDonagh

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

This year, Ryan McDonagh tied Kucherov’s record from 2014-2015 for a 38 plus-minus record.

Brayden Point

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

Brayden Point passed Ryan Malone’s record for highest shooting percent, finishing with 21.5%, over the original record of 21%.

Coach Jon Cooper

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

Jon Cooper finished with the most wins in a season as a Lightning Head Coach with 62 wins.

He also became the first Lightning coach to win the President’s Trophy.

Team Highlights

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

The Tampa Bay Lightning finished their regular season stats with a record of 62-16-4. They held 325 goals for and 222 goals against for a scoring difference of 103.

Tampa Bay Lightning 2019

The Tampa Bay Lightning finished with 128 points in the regular season, destroying their old record set last year of 113 points.

Tampa Bay only needed 73 games to clinch the league’s best record – the second fastest clinch in league history. (The 1995-1996 Detroit Red Wings only needed 71 games.)

By winning their final game of the season against the Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay also tied with the Detroit Red Wings at 62 wins for most wins in a season.

The Lightning ended the season leading the league in multiple categories. They lead in power play percentages with 28.2% with the league average ending at 19.7%. They lead in penalty kill percentages with 85%. Meanwhile, the league average for penalty kills was only 80.2%. Finally, Tampa Bay also closed out the season leading in goals/game with an average of 3.89, with the league average ending at only 2.98 goals/game.

Congratulations Tampa Bay Lightning on an incredible season!


Now, it’s time to get ready as the Tampa Bay Lightning head into the playoffs. The first playoff game is tomorrow night, April 10, at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Stay tuned for more as the Tampa Bay Lightning battle in the playoffs towards the Stanley Cup!

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