Game Day 3/25/2019 Boston @ Tampa 7:30 ET 4:30 PT

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Tampa Bay Lightning VS Boston Bruins

Tonight, the Tampa Bay Lightning take on the Boston Bruins. They play in Amalie Arena at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM ET.

Who Will Win?

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay holds a record 58-14-4. They currently lead the Atlantic Division in points after reaching an incredible 120 points in their season. They have 301 goals for and 202 goals against for a difference of 99. The Lightning have won 8 out of their last 10 games. However, they lost their most recent game against the St. Louis Blues.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins hold a standing of 42-20-9. They rank second in points in the Atlantic Division, behind the Tampa Bay Lightning, with 101 points in their season. The Bruins have 233 goals for and 189 goals against for a difference of 44. They have only won 7 of their last 10 games. However, they currently hold a 4 game win streak.

Team Stats Face Off

Tonight’s game will likely be a tough face off for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tampa Bay and Boston rank very closely with one another as the first and second teams of the Atlantic Division. As for points in the season, the Bruins and the Lightning are only 19 points apart, closer than any of the Lightning’s other Atlantic competitors.

Tampa Bay definitely has a competitive edge with how they have dominated this season. Even with their most recent loss, the Lightning still leads the league in power play percentage, penalty kill percentage, and highest goals per game average. Not to mention the outstanding player stats from Tampa Bay this year with Kucherov, Point, and Stamkos holding top 10 spots for player points.

However, the Boston Bruins have had a pretty impressive season statistically as well. Brad Marchand also holds a place in the top 10 points scorers in the league. Also, they are on a 4 game win streak, while Tampa has lost their most recent game.

Tonight’s game will be a battle between two very tough and accomplished teams. So, who will win? Will the Bruins get another win streak under their belt? Or, will Tampa Bay strike down one of their highest ranked competitors this season?

Stay tuned tonight after the game for the recap!

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