2019 Playoffs: Tampa Bay VS Columbus – Game 4

Tampa Bay, Lightning, Columbus, Blue Jackets

Tampa Bay Lightning VS Columbus Blue Jackets

The Tampa Bay Lightning head into game 4 of their first round of playoffs against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Game 4 kicks off at 7:00 PM ET / 4:00 PM PT on April 16. Tampa Bay will again play in Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets in their own arena.

Who Will Win?

Tampa Bay has been the dominating team all season, not just in their division, but in the entire league. They have had a powerful drive the entire year and always seem to come through. As round 1, gets closer to an ending point, we certainly hope to see that same dominating drive as before return to the Lightning.

Although previously thought to be the underdogs in the round 1 series, the Columbus Blue Jackets have taken an 0-3 series lead and face a potential sweep on the Tampa Bay Lightning. As we come into potentially the series deciding game, the Lightning will need to get their spark back for sure in game 4. The Lightning will need to win the remaining four games to win the series and progress forward in the playoffs. Can they pull off the comeback they need? Will the Blue Jackets get the sweep on Tampa or will the storm come to life?

Stay tuned for the game recap!

“I don’t know how to describe it. The buzz is unbelievable.”

Vincent Lecavalier

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