Game Day 11/21/2018 Florida Panthers @ Tampa Bay 7:30 ET 4:30 PT

Tampa Bay Lightning Vs Florida Panthers

The Battle of Florida

Every year, we see the battle continue.

Florida Vs Tampa Bay and the battle for the Sunshine State. The rivalry between these two teams dates to their first meeting, October 09, 1993 where the Panthers would upset the lightning 2-0. The Florida Panthers do hold the record against the bolts at 65-56-10, even with the success of the lightning in recent and past years. Losing back on October 6th at the beginning of the season, the Bolts are ready to snap this 3-game losing streak against their arch rivals to regain as the king of the east.

Tonight, the Florida Panthers will range out against the Ottawa Senators being led by past Senator, Mike Hoffman. Florida’s power play has spiked up to 23.6 percent which is an all-time high for the franchise. Will Hoffman be able to fight against the storm. The Lightning is already hungry after losing painfully 3-2 against Nashville. Can the Bolts strike back or will the storm be swiped away from the roar of the Panthers?

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