Lightning on track to break how many NHL franchise records in the 2018-19 Season?

NHL franchise records, Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL Franchise Records: The Lightning Are On Track To Break How Many?

The Road So Far

So we have hit slightly past halfway through the season and let’s take a look at where we are with current franchise records. At this point, we are a little past 43 games played. Winning 33 of those games and sporting a total of 68 points that leads the NHL by 12, give or take, based on game differences between the East and the West. The Lightning has an amazing offense, with 180 goals scored and averaging 4.2 goals a game (Calculating shoot out game-winning goals). With 124 goals against, counting the span that Andrei Vasilevskiy was injured, that is just an average of 2.88 goals against a game.

Potential Records To Come

More records could come this year with our team’s over standings. The Lightning has won 33 games currently in 43 games. Their current record is 54 wins set last year. If they can continue down this path and keep winning at the same ratio, we are looking at 62 wins. They have 68 points total in 43 games which brings them on pace for 129 points. Their current record is 113 points, again from last season.

But looking past just the obvious stats, they currently lead the league in powerplay goals with Colorado at 43(1 goal per game average) and lead in percentage at 29.9%. The Lightning went on a 16-game spoint streak during this time frame also.

Individual Player Records

As individual players, the stats just continue. Nikita Kucherov has 71 points in his first 43 games. The last player to hit 73 points faster in a season since Jagr did back in 1999-00 season. 50 of those points are assists and a fancy total of 21 goals. Brayden Point is next up on the list with an impressive 26 goals and 57 points. Steven Stamkos is back also, scoring 16 goals in 17 games and now totaling up to 23 goals and 47 points.

The Lightning is getting the puck around with 7 players having at least 10 goals with 2 additional players knocking on that door around the halfway point. Tyler Johnson is just 2 goals away from giving the Lightning 4 players with 20 plus goals around this halfway point.

NHL Franchise Records Today VS History

How does this compare with history? Brad Richards and Martin St. Louis share the all-time season record for most assist in a season with 68. Kucherov is knocking on that door with 50 just halfway through the season. The Lightning has also had 3 players hit the 100 point barrier in a regular season, Lecavalier leading with 108 points as the all-time record. Based on average points per game, and if the current leaders continue their season, Kucherov is on track for 135 points, Point is on track for 108 points. Records are designed to be broken.

Even if you look at the average assist per game, Kucherov is on track for 95 assists. Brayden Point does currently hold the season record for shot percentage at 22.8 if he can finish out the season.

Goal Tender Stats

Let’s not forget about our goalies who have held the wall strong when our defense backed down. Vasilevskiy and Domingue both combine for 43 games. 32 wins combined for both tenders, Vasi currently holding a .923 save percentage which is just .003 away from tying Ben Bishop’s record of .926 back in 2015-16. Of course, there is a lot of hockey left to be played and a very tough schedule ahead of our team.

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